You Begin the Inspired Living Movement.

No longer a ‘Vision’… a Path.

Roots to Sky envisions a world where we as one people recognize the deep value of our whole health, and our own responsibility over it.

Empowered, we take back the Earth beneath our feet, and see her not as a resource, but a sacred Giver of Life: the foods we eat – the bedrock of our vitality; the herbs which surround us – the precious medicine we honour. Our own created tools of isolated chemical substances and surgical interventions come not from a system of unquestioned profit, but one of social and environmental equality and mutual aid – used with care as a last resort – and instead we prioritize prevention. A world where medicine for our bodies is medicine for the Earth; where ancestral knowledge is heard, honoured, and respected; where the collective paradigm has shifted from fear to love: love of self, of other, and of the world.

Guided by compassion and gratitude, we reclaim the power we gave away so long ago, and take our lives and health into our own joined hands.

What is Roots to Sky & The Inspired Living Studio?

Roots: The Present

Roots to Sky is a small, private wholistic health & guidance clinic in its early stages of growth with dramatic community-based visions ahead.

Using integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine – advanced herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition; blended with today’s life coaching and comprehensive training programs – Roots to Sky uproots mental, emotional, and physical blocks from its clients’ paths towards living at their unique potentials.

Roots to Sky is insured and licensed by CTCMPAO, the regulating body of Chinese Medicine in Ontario, and currently operates by-appointment-only in downtown Toronto. Roots to Sky is founded and operated by Matt Walton R.TCMP, R.Ac, who brings years of deep personal experience, extensive training & research, and his passionate skills to benefit clients at any level of their needs.

Sky: The Future

Roots to Sky will continue to expand its teaching programs to reach wider audiences, and will transform from a clinical model to a complete sustainable retreat community, known for its commitment to creating a politically & spiritually grounded expression of a sustainable future of humanity.

This as-yet-unnamed retreat & education centre will aim for complete self-sufficiency: growing the majority of its own foods & herbal medicines, produce its own electricity, and support visitors with temporary lodging.

A hub of cooperative education & development, it will provide a space for teachers and visionaries from all walks of life to reach their own communities and will offer scholarships/grants assisting individuals – especially those from marginalized communities – in their journey towards their dream projects.

How will we make this journey from Roots to Sky?

The Inspired Living Studio.

Beginning funding in 2021|

Details Soon.

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