Inspired Warriors Teams Onboarding

Welcome, Warrior 🙏

This is the very (very) beginning of something very (very) special – and you’ll be a part of the early excitement, watching the growth as we expand our (many) community launches ahead.

I don’t know about you, (buuuut I’m sure it’s safe to assume) but I’ve been finding it very hard to “stay inspired” during these wild times. But then I remember, just as I say to my clients: “Inspired Living” includes the ups, and especially the downs in life.

Because in fact, the “downs” are the juiciest moments – for it is in these underwater moments that our real humanity can be expressed, where we can lend a hand, share a story, grow from a vulnerability. Or simply feel safe to pause… and just feel.

And recently, once again after I’ve fallen from my horse (which will happen again, and again, and again), I realize… Wow, it’s hard to do this alone. And then I remember… I don’t have to be.

We – don’t have to be.

So, let’s start cultivating a new community away from distracting social media, a place where you can share your journey of life, or a place to be in touch with others knowing they are out there working hard on their projects – as if quietly working in the same room as you.

And life is obviously so much more than these tender or productive moments – so let’s celebrate in all the ways with topics such as:

  • Team Challenges! (what likely brought you here!)
  • Focus Team (for busy-bodies)
  • Inspired Living (nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, cheerleading our successes & the bumps in the road)
  • Our Spiral Journey (mental health & “underwater” support, experiences & tools)
  • Our Crafts (sharing our talents)
  • The Market (our personal Bunz/Palz)
  • Dreamtime (to share your nightly dreams, sleep routines… or just to say goodnight!)
  • Planting Seeds (gardening & sustainability)
  • Humanity (more cereal discussions, humanitarian work, political topics – to vent our frustrations)
  • Wander Life (local support & travel discoveries)

I’ve been laying the groundwork for an “off-facebook” community since 2016 when I launched a super fun yet intentional beta Inspired Warriors Slack team. I’ve been building the back-end for this team since. In 2020 the pandemic caught us all off guard – but in this last stretch, with mental health concerns at their peak – the time is now.

I hope you’ll join us 🙂

~Matt Walton & The Inspired Living Council


Event Details Here!

Joining the Team Waitlist!

  1. Sign up in the form above, and as we collect the first wave of Warriors, you’ll be notified when the doors are open!
    • I anticipate the first group being small and growing steadily, this is something permanent 😉
  2. Don’t have an Microsoft account? No problem – you can use your existing email address during signup – its super straightforward!
  3. No need to even install Teams on your phone or computer – feel free to simply open Teams through your browser.
  4. Remember – you are the first wave of Warriors here!
    • As such, Matt is still working out the back-end kinks – so please contact Matt if you have any problems!
  5. Welcome to the Inspired Living Warriors Team!
    • Say Hi! Make yourself at home, check out the Wiki in the “General” channel for more help, and start sharing in any of the channels!
    • For the specific challenges, we’ll be using the “Team Challenges” channel. More details inside – See you there!

Any troubles? This is all brand new – Use the comments below or private message Matt for help 🙂

Why the Teams app?

  • It’s time we wean off our dependence on distracting social media.
    • That said – trust me, I get it – I’ve been invited to many off-Fb groups and watched them turn to crickets. It’s hard to use yet another tool to keep up with a community. With Teams its different, this is a hugely popular non-social media service already used by over 75 million users daily. There’s a good chance you, your colleagues, or your friends are already using it at work. So let’s inspire them to join this team too!
  • Teams has emerged second only to Zoom in the Covid-19 era for virtual meets, events, and co-working, with many many new features in the works.
  • Why not Discord/Mastodon etc?
    • Quite simply because of the future professional needs of the Studio, it makes sense to keep things streamlined rather than complicate back end connectors.
  • Teams is far more appropriate than Zoom or Slack etc for voice messages, built in calendar, editing shared files & pooling community resources – as well as being beyond flexible for the many community projects we have in store ahead.
  • Excellent built in-webinar features will be utilized extensively by the Studio both during and after the pandemic.
  • Teams is extremely private & secure – Matt uses it for his patient telehealth sessions because even hospitals rely on its encryption & HIPAA compliance, and end-to-end encryption coming in 2021.
  • Because this Inspired Warriors Team is part of the bigger Inspired Living Studio, it was all too appropriate to keep everything in one place as the collective prepares for its exciting launch.
Let’s fly.

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