Solstice & Architextures Community Call-out

I’ve been attending Om/Solstice since 2000, and been on the Architextures dancefloor since its very first nights… I’ll never, ever, be able to express in words how much these communities have changed me – and likely you, how many life-long friends I’ve made, how many laughs and experiences I’ve had…

So now its my turn to give back.

Our scene was changing even before the pandemic struck. Many of us realizing we cant quite party the way we used to, or finding a lack of the original PLUR intention in the scene, or simply going through the motions as the bottom falls out.

In my journey, what is missing is a reason to celebrate. What is missing is something that activates and gives cohesion & purpose to the skills & visions that bring us together as a community in the first place…

To create an expression of the world we want to see*.

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