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  1. Backstory
  2. My Proposal
    • Where can we keep in touch online rather than inevitably muted messenger threads?
  3. Sub-Collectives!
    • Beach bums, Workouts, Arts & Crafts, Movies, Skillshares, Coworking, Urban Exploration – anything!
  4. TLDR/Keep in Mind/Vote!

BACKSTORY (You know me…)

As many of you know I poured heart & soul into helping people during pandemic, was clinically more busy than ever (essential worker yo), built a webpage for TCM & mental health resources that was widely shared, waged a (very) public battle against misinformation – to the point of building a massive database, and did non-stop writing to give more context to my pandemic work.

And then amongst this all, was renovicted from my home of 10 years. And as we are all too aware, Toronto housing is an absolute nightmare, and too often our friends abandon this city to build community elsewhere.

So needless to say – I’ve been *beyond burnt out – And need your halp.

That said, after *so many ordeals, I’ve never been more grateful for anything quite like I have when finding my new home!

And while The Inspired Living Studio (explore this website!) was backburnered due to my move – as is often the case, it’s looking to be a blessing in disguise.

Further – generally everything I do these days needs to be mobilizing me towards the Studio launch – For example when I want a “gardening day”, why not make it an active ongoing community project? And what about those arts & crafts nights I’ve been talking about?

So what better way to express my gratitude & abundance – than to share and build community from here!

For those who remember a goal for this will be similar to the old Anarchist U – Let’s skillshare & build community since we so often can’t reach our goals alone!

Backyard! Note the cabaña in front of the shed, and the back left corner has a bbq, seating area and will have a firepit!


Since we’ve emerged from the pandemic (ish) I keep meeting more like-minded fwiends, while also incubating plans all winter.

Yet how many of us have been *trying to sync up but city/winter/rat race life keeps getting in the way of more meaningful/productive connection? If your ever feeling overwhelmed you aren’t alone let’s create support & inspiration.

Right on cue I was about to add another round to our already big Inspired Warrior Co-working etc messenger chat and I’ve already launched a new slew of threads & groups with more on their way – then I thought okayyyyy hold up – What’s the best way we can keep in touch to build *intentional community?

Basically with so many community projects, each one of these ideas would need its own chat thread – sometimes overlapping so it hit me – Let’s create our own neighbourhood network, our own “Nextdoor”!

** If it’s somewhere dedicated then you can check ONE place rather than spread out chats that just end up muted

So as you’ll see below, our existing Inspired Living Warriors fb group is the public facing group, so I was considering activating a new private group that is centred around this physical house and friend circles.

The idea is intentional in the sense of a “beta Inspired Living Studio” from our Parkdale/Roncesvalles home location – co-creating grassroots projects while I continue to keep the larger community centre business project moving forward towards launch! (Explore this website!)

So instead I’ve created this webpage canvas to ask for thots! 💭



Sunnyside Beach/High Park Days!

  • I’m a beach junkie. Join me. It’s a FIVE MINUTE WALK FROM OUR HOUSE. Wtfff 🏖️
  • High Park is also a few minutes away, let’s go on herb walks!

Gardening & Potlucks!

  • Community gardening! Feel free to drop by, Zen out, and then we can share the harvest!
  • Or just come chill in my cabana for a coworking day – below!

Skillshare, Fitness, Art, Music & Play!


  • Silk screening, paint nights etc


  • Circus toys practice (ex: I recently bought a Light Whip!)
  • DJ Nights
  • Shibari practice (cuz you know… Why not)
  • Ninja skills! (Archery, throwing knives etc – both of which I have)


  • On my projectors – indoors AND outdoors in my cabaña
  • Like a drive thru! lol


  • I has a punching bag & too many yoga mats! Beach yoga, biking etc


  • We can have guest hosts! Let us know what you want to share/teach!


  • Ya’ll know me, I find *so much to share, and I know many of you do as well!
  • This also ties into fashion nights, communal repairs, and clothing swaps!


  • Ideally Sundays for Skillshares etc, and Saturdays+Mondays for Coworking (below)
  • And winter livestreams – our own lockdown vibes to beat back the isolation
  • And if we need more space there is a huge open park across the street!
  • Also I can finally put the propane heater to use in the winter for cozy outdoor options!

Urb-Ex & Photography!

  • The home base for my hugely impulsive ninja “Moon Nights” I’ve been doing since I was a kid (heheheh)
  • Also epic opportunities for photoshoots
  • Let’s see where the night takes us…

Coworking & Creator Challenges

  • A *huge point of all this is I’ve been again realizing just. how. hard. it is to focus – its always been hard but with this post pandemic world we find ourselves in I’m seeing it both in myself and every day in clinic for others.
  • Basically – I NEED HELP TO FOCUS I literally can’t launch the *massive INSPIRED LIVING STUDIO without coworking! Halp!
  • Accountability Challenges! Much easier to reach our goals with a group.


This was the beta version used in Teams during my 2021 Founder Institute accelerator – which was a redesign of the version used in Slack during my MaRS 2016 alpha period.


  • I/we feel the need to share spontaneous plans in one place, generally with the same groups of people rather than starting over/spamming each time

  • I dont want the groups or the “Inspired Living Studio” branding of the community to be too contrived, I’m aiming for genuine grassroots community!

  • We all get the winter blues/isolated, our goals fall apart – most of these can be moved indoors and can help keep us inspired!

  • Keep in mind – Some of these will take on a life of their own and more might be added as we evolve – this is only year one at this house!!

  • I barely already message in my own group chats just to not annoy others, but worried it will get spammy then be ignored – especially if we were to add more people!


Our Inspired Living Warriors Fb Group can now/will be considered the public facing side of our group – please feel free to use it for all things community!

Over the winter I became less active on it as I was repeatedly restricted on Fb for the stupidest of reasons.

Annnnnd if left unchecked, I literally slide into anarcho/antifascist shitposting and I need halp keeping things focussed on the positive (you know, the way Roots to Sky and the group *used to be, pre pandemic) rather than the often… overwhelming negatives we now face in these end times.

So please keep ILW active in my absence – *especially keeping it in mind for sharing your community events & projects with almost 1000 like minded people!

Especially when we feel down, or disconnected *especially in those long winter months.


Let’s build our brighter Toronto future! 🌱

(All art on this webpage by my favourite artist Yummei who we’ll be booking for our art gallery when the studio launches!)

Location 70 Triller Ave. 2nd Floor Toronto, Canada Phone 1.647.772.8529 E-mail Hours Copyright ©2023, The Inspired Living Studio, Inc. - All rights reserved
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